OM NAMAH SHIVAYA Lyrics – MC Solomon Ft. 5:55 (Chirag Khadka)

Presenting the Lyrics of the Nepali song “ OM NAMAH SHIVAYA” sung by MC Solomon Ft. 5:55 (Chirag Khadka)

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Song Details

MC Solomon Ft. 5:55 (Chirag Khadka)

Song Lyrics

Ring Ring I can hear the angels sing
Five years in a battle with an Asian king
From labs in Oxford to Cali
Who woulda thought it, who woulda dammed me
Who woulda bought it, who woulda thanked me
No one they just blanked me
Saw father die,
Lit a fire inside so deep its inside of your mind
Solomons temple, instrumental
Break bread the street creds a blessing
Imagine a world where nobody is tracked now
No government fund no furlough
No media shots and no whirlpools
Tell me what you talking bout Boris
Come and have a cup of tea we can talk about it, and make plans then walk around it,
Moneys money by brother were all around it
Don’t take anything that you made in this world to the grave where you thought that you found it
Just a penny in a golden fountain
Keep you distracted like Marilyn
On road there building around the manors here
Pleiadian gates in your parameters
8 5 2 on the frequency gang banging it
It went from black to white white to black IRA to the tali-van back to back
Allqda hmm terst, scared of the melanin
Don’t care what you’ve ever seen
Give a f*ck if you remember me
Only live to die with a legacy
Remove the ventilator and just them breathe
Masquerade in a lane full of memories so heavenly

(Om Namoh Shivaya) x4

“Yeah! This is 5:55”
Yeah, Jay Sambho
Ek taney fanko
Dui taney ghanghor
Teen taney haniracha jhan po
Jati taney pani feri hamilai kina kum bho
Khusi matra chainey feri baal chaina dhaan ko
Dherai kura bhanna baki ajhai mero maan ko
Puff puff pass afnai ghar ko
Slow haina fast feri nibhisakyo aarko
Taani hera saarko
Nepali kush dherai charko

Smoking that chai and chilim
Negative vibes we killing
Getting so high we tripping
Twenty four hours no sleeping we kicking

Hash ni Karnali cream
Topendra gang sabai hamrai ho team
Chuttai cha Nepal ko scene
Living that Nepali dream
Hami nai Nepal ko king
Sakesi ek baali, ek tali ma sanga Nepalai hid
Tanna lai Nepal ko green

Maathi maathi Sagarmatha jasto hami high
Khadai LSDs living psychedelic life
Modern days ko baba ji ko jasto hamro style
Om shanti, paye samma jati pani toph tanne
Bomb padkyo, Gorkhey jangyo, bhako sakyo
Hami sabai Shiva jii ko bhakta
Lya, high and lows hami book for shows
Btch and hes, feri gangs and bros
Doors are closed, get the f*ck outta here
Singar to madre [inaudible]
Chichis grande, kalo lai maad de
Kalo lai maad de, hamlai eklai nai chadey

(Om Namah Shivaya) x4

Bang Bang yeah man rang it
Can’t trust anyone on this old planet
Heavy-hitting like granite,
Seven days a week no sleep were gonna have it
So precious so frantic
Fame is just fake the whole games de-ranged
Mister record boss get get out my lane
If you ain’t a straight Don then get out my face
I was that kid with the rhyme pad KRS WU on the tape deck
Before Facebook before Insta before socials before Winston
How many years and you still not listening
Eating daal at the Taj Mahal
Silk scarf with a marble arch
Outside got the driver parked
City of dreams and were flowing like a tribal art
Are you gonna be a lion or a cat never lived my life of a screen
Until about 2015 now they got us in a low mid beam
Always raising the frequency
You be giving up on a day
I be giving up on a goddam week
There’s two different sides
Tell me which one to thank
Come on get alive with it, come ride with it
Any day gonna die with it
All the [inaudible] killing the vibe with it
Whether I see you in a week or a month
You be coming out a big black trunk
Click-clack shot to be kept that trust
And now look, Karma has got you surrounded
I can hear the chants from the mountains

(Om Namah Shivaya) x4

The A the S the I the A the M the I the N the O the R the way the world was up
Fully locked with the verbal love
Grim reaper lands in a world of luck
I learnt my elf you ring the bell
Don’t break the shell can meet at the wishing well
And speak of another Gypsy tale
Hi-Jab with the mystic realm
X5 with the mister man
Roll up and [inaudible] you plan, come local
Kick of the door no phone calls
No trace slow motion
Just a pebble in the bottom of the ocean
Om namah shivaya see who shows up
Reflection in the mirror got you blown up
Whole game got it sown up
Seven days the gauge has just blown up
Seven nations army in your folder

Go on keep digging for the gold now
Killing for the diamonds
Living in a ghost town
Could have been some hope now
But there ain’t none
Burning in a ring full of danger
Cut you in half like lightsaber
Skywalk on these Darth Vader
Put you in maze-like a playpen
No symptoms? You just blend in
A machine where you can’t skip [inaudible]
And the people yet, they keep spending
Would you like us to guard, maybe a pensum
Extinction, level of event
Imma get in with a [inaudible]
Open the door to number ten
Hearing the guilt on the voice of the speech that there mumbling then
Mister Minister tell me why your eyes so sinister

(Om Namoh Shivaya) x4

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