Cage Feeling Lyrics – NBA Youngboy

Presenting the lyrics of the song “Cage Feeling” sung by NBA Youngboy.

Song Details

Song: Cage Feeling
Singer: NBA Youngboy

Song Lyrics

Ayo bans, what you cookin?
I wonder if Lil tug and Jordan can hear me
I ain’t got much to give
Barely seen love, seem like the fake be the first thing appear
I ain’t never takin’ back what I said, not even once I’m killed
I don’t wanna do it, now they say I’m wrong
And I’m who kept it real
I just wanna turn this shit around, now that I see it clear

They took the soul from Boozilla, killed Lil Dave when I was little
Since the time I ain’t found forgiveness
That shit turned me into a killer
Came from sellin’ drugs with my nigga
Went and found a thousand ways to get it
They done found a thousand ways to down me
I don’t give a fuck cause now I don’t feel ’em
I ain’t have a thing when I was a lil one

Whatever my children want they gettin’ it
I done lost my patience in that prison
I done lost my cadence, cases pendin’
I can the fakeness, faces grinnin’
Can see that they don’t want me in it

If I can’t trust her, I can’t love her
I done walked away from plenty
See me go (As I fly away from these niggas)
They just want to keep up in my business, I say fuck ’em
They don’t need me, no

I’m wastin’ time on these bitches
I’m wastin’ time, soon as I trust ’em I’m in trouble
This a deserved Bentley
This that new hustle hard edition, I say swerve in it
Come up from hustle hard trenches, blew out curbs in it

They feel like I done lost my mind and I feel tempted
I feel like they want to keep me down and I’m still winnin’
And I’m still in it, leavin’ richer than I came in
With two new hoes, for every one bitch got my name bent
Smile through it all, they still ain’t askin’ where my pain went
Or even if it left, it never did, I ain’t gotta frame shit

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